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"I believe in fixing the problem at its source. Therefore, I am good at finding the issue and taking care of it. I will be a mechanic for your body, I will find your faulty parts and repair them."- Dr. Shao


Chriopractic treatment works through realigning your body and spine in order to alleviate pain. It also allows for us to find problem areas before they lead to greater dysfunction and pain.


Through mapping the body and using acupuncture points our services will trigger the body's natural healing processes which will allow you recover without any harmful side effects.


Cupping is a form of deep tissue massage that can help reduce inflammation and pain while increasing relaxation and blood flow.

Pain Management

We specialize and thrive in reducing pain. Whether it be headaches, muscle soreness, sports injury, or trauma from accidents, we can alleviate any pain you might have.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine, also known as sport and exercise medicine, is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment & prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

“As a patient of Harry, his diagnosis and treatment has been impressive. More importantly, he is a caring Physician whose concern for patients often went beyond routine clinical care.”

Alex Y. , M.D. Radiation Oncologist

I can't thank Dr. Shao enough for what he's done. It took him just 6 treatments to do what 4 neurologists couldn't do in 15 years. He found the root of my severe restless legs syndrome (RLS) allowing me to learn how to get my body to work with or against me. He is amazingly talented, helpful, and again I cannot thank him enough.


“From when I met Dr. Harry in August 2013 I knew he was different from any other doctor I've had in the past. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Harry actually talked to me for 45 minutes and asked questions. He found that my issue wasn't plantar fasciitis, which I had been doing treatments on for 5 months. After acupuncture I felt results and the pain subside. I highly recommend it.”

Aaron(foot/leg pain)

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